Early European Antique Pistols For Sale

Are you looking for unique early European antique pistols for sale? Whether you are a new collector looking to purchase the perfect European antique pistol or you have been collecting for many years, Friedland Arms has the weaponry for you. Be sure to read all the provided information about each pistol or pair of pistols to learn more about their history and condition.

What To Consider When Building Your Collection

At Friedland Arms, we want you to have only the best in your collection of antique European pistols. Selection of pistols offered for sale here is based on: CONDITION, FORM, QUALITY & RARITY.
Consider all of the above before you make a purchase.

CONDITION: At Friedland Arms, condition of the object is of utmost importance. Not only is it pleasing to the eye but also increases the value. This is why we only offer pistols in superb condition.

FORM: It is another parameter to consider when purchasing an antique pistol. Like any great work of art, it has to please the eye with its beautiful shape.

QUALITY: At Friedland Arms, the antique pistols we proudly offer are of museum quality and could be included in any important arms and armor collection.

RARITY: It is a feature that adds value and that is why it is another important aspect of what we offer for sale at Friedland Arms. Many pistols or pairs of pistols are rare and similar examples can be found in major museums, some of which are our clients.

Additionally, at Friedland Arms, we provide the provenance, if known, of each antique pistol or pair we offer, so you can feel secure about your purchases. Collecting is a passion, so when an antique pistol has a history, you can share the stories with all who are fortunate enough to see your collection.

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