Cased English Dueling Pistols by Durs Egg, Circa 1780  

Cased English Dueling Pistols

A superb cased set of English flintlock dueling pistols complete with shoulder stock by the renowned maker Durs Egg, 
made for Charles Hurt of Derbyshire (1758-1834) and bearing the Hurt family crest.  10 inch swamped octagonal browned barrels,
bolted casehardened locks, highly figured walnut full stocks.  The Hurt surname is derived from the Old English “heorot”
meaning stag. The Hurt family crest is finely engraved on the silver inlay above the elaborately entwined initials “CH” on 
the left side of the stocks.  Charles Hurt lived in Wirksworth Hall and was appointed High Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1797.
Portraits of Charles and his wife Savannah were painted by Joseph Wright of Derby, A.R.A. and were offered by Agnews.
The pistols are in a remarkable state of preservation. The barrels retain nearly all their original brown finish, the locks retain 
all of their original casehardening with a crisp Egg signature, the engraved steel mounts have most of their original bluing, the trigger
guards are in the classic early Egg style, the stocks show much original finish and have the characteristic Durs Egg 
“pineapple” checkering, the “L” shaped highly figured walnut shoulder stock is pristine.  Charles Hurt was an English gentleman of 
considerable distinction and was “friendly with many of the eminent intellectuals of the day”.  He prized his set of Durs Egg 
pistols and stamped his name “C. Hurt” on the case, the shoulder stock, and the very rare Egg walnut and steel turnscrew.  The 
mahogany case, with Chippendale handle is very fine with its original green baize lining.  The accessories are all original to the
set and include a rare powder flask, turnscrew, bullet mold, and cleaning rod.  Durs Egg ranks high in the pantheon of the greatest
late 18th century English gunmakers together with Wogdon, Twigg, Manton, and H.W. Mortimer.  The present set is the finest
and most complete original cased set of classic early full stock Durs Egg duelers one could hope to own and their luster is further 
burnished by a provable distinguished ownership. 
Price:    $45,000-