About Me

The quest and discovery of rare and important antique arms and armor has been my passion since I was a small boy of 8. Fortunately I am blessed with an exceptional eye for what I always call “C-F-Q-R”: Condition, Form, Quality, Rarity, and when acquiring an object these parameters are always forefront.

I had the good fortune to know and befriend some of the legendary collectors, dealers and museum curators. Among them: W.Keith Neal, Henk Visser,Clay Bedford, Frank Bivens, C.O.von Kienbusch, Joe Kindig Jr. and Stephen Grancsay, curator emeritus of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who gave me access to countless hours in the museum’s storage rooms. These experts were most generous in sharing their knowledge and giving a “hands on” of their collections… invaluable learning experiences.

Using my 45 plus years experience in this field, I am always happy to work with a client to find a specific item, extend an existing collection or build a new one. I am always interested in purchasing similar objects.

Gary Friedland –


  • The Art Institute Of Chicago   USA
  • The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation   USA
  • The Landesmuseun  Zurich, Switzerland
  • The Metropolitan Museum   USA
  • The Philadelphia Museum Of Art   USA
  • The Royal Armouries   UK