WELCOME to FRIEDLAND ARMS, established in 1970, where you will find the finest quality and condition as well as the rarest, primarily European, Antique Weapons, arms and armor. Items offered for sale include antique firearms such as antique pistols: wheellock, snaphaunce, miquelet, flintlock, percussion, cased dueling pistols, along with antique long guns, rifles, blunderbusses,  and antique edged weapons: antique swords, rapiers and daggers as well as  armor, helmets, crossbows, powder flasks and related objects.

With over 45 years of experience as an antique arms and armor dealer, I am always happy to work with a client to find a specific item, extend an existing collection or build a new one. 

The stock offered for sale is frequently changing, so please visit again for new arrivals. All objects are guaranteed to be authentic and as described.
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