Early Antique European Swords and Daggers For Sale

When you are starting a collection of antique arms and armor, including early European swords and daggers, or are looking to expand your existing one, Friedland Arms offers some of the most beautiful high condition and of the period antique items available on the market today.

Please explore our stock of antique European swords for sale … you will find here an exquisite 16c. German Zweihänder ( two-handed) sword with great provenance, an extremaly rare Saxon Back-Sword from the same period, as well as a magnificent 18c. Venetian Schiavona Dagger.

However, If you are searching for specific antique European Swords, Daggers or Rapiers, feel free to contact me and I will be pleased to find it for you.

Whatever sword or dagger you decide is perfect for your collection, you can have peace of mind with your purchase because at Friedland Arms we only handle the best genuine as described rare antique objects that have great condition and beautiful form.

Make an inquiry today.