Very Rare Saxon Back-Sword, 3rd / 4th quarter of the 16th century

Hilt of blackened iron retaining much of its original finish, knucklebow with side loop, single quillon terminating in a silver cap, arm with two symmetrical  branches joining the quillon  block and a thumb ring, birds-head form pommel capped in silver with foliate engraving and silver button, original grip bound with silver braided wire and silver acanthus bands, blade with double fuller for most of its length, struck with a mark  (unknown) single edged except for the last 20 cm. toward the tip. Our research has found only one other sword of this pattern.  It is housed in the Historisches Museum, Dresden Inventory No. X288.01 It appears to be from the same workshop, but without a blade-smith’s mark.

Condition: Very good, but for the blade which must have been stored in a scabbard that got wet causing damage to the tip end.  Fortunately it has retained its full length.

Saxon edged weapons are scarce at best, but when only one other example is known, it is an extreme rarity.

Blade – 28 3/8” – 72.07 cm.

O. A. – 34 1/2” – 87.63 cm.

Price – SOLD