Very Rare Pair Of Silver Mounted Ripoll Miquelet Pistols With Their Holsters Circa 1680

Three stage barrels separated by turnings, engraved with a vine motif,  stamped COMA at the breech, patella locks, finely
figured stocks with chip carving of leaves behind the barrel tangs, lock plate tails and opposite the locks, full silver mounts
comprising, fore-end caps, ramrod ends and trigger guards all decorated with punch-work, baluster form ramrod pipes, butt-caps in the form of  acrowned lion’s
head, leather holsters covered on the front with wine colored velvet (worn) and decorated with bullion, a place for  paper cartridges under the flaps.
These pistols, one of four pairs known (all virtually identical), the others in Spanish collections and without their holsters were made for the Conde de Formiguera of Majorca, most
probably as personal weapons or perhaps for his guards.
Provenance: Private Collection, Spain
Barrels: 13 3/8”  .60 cal.
Overall: 20 1/2”      
Holsters: 17”