Pocket Pistol by Samuel Brunn, English, with Scottish History, circa 1800

Silver stocked and gold inlayed pocket pistol with folding trigger,  transformed from flintlock to percussion.  Very fine quality by a highly acclaimed Sword Cutler & Gunmaker,  By appointment to HRH Prince of Wales, 1800-1811.  Butt with wrench for removing barrel of its accompanying pistol (whereabouts unknown).  1 3/16” turn-off smoothbore 32 cal. barrel  with gold band at muzzle and breech.  Frame with gold oval signed S. Brunn, Charing Cross, London and maker to HRH the Prince of Wales on the obverse. There are two heraldic crests on the butt:  Crest on left is described as “Out of a Wreath of Colors, An Eagle Displayed”.  This with the motto “For Right and Reason” belongs to the Graham family of Scotland.  Crest on right is described “Out of a Wreath of Colors, A Unicorn’s Head Erect and Couped”.  This with the motto “Over Fork Over”.  The crest and motto of Cunninghame of Caddell and Thornton, a Scottish family with a history going back to the 14th century.

An unusual pistol of diminutive size, with good lineage, in fine overall condition.

Length O..A. – 4 3/16”

Price – SOLD