Pair of Flintlock Pistols by William Brander, circa 1760

An unusual and very rare pair of brass fixed cannon barrel pistols.  The barrels of circular section in three stages, molded girdles between, ending in a muzzle ring.  London proved and stamped with the mark of William Brander.  Border engraved rounded actions, cocks and steels, and inscribed Brander beneath the inverted-V “steel” springs. Engraved London within a ribbon surrounded by leafy decoration on top of the breeches.  Butts of finely figured walnut, carved with a shell behind the  floral engraved barrel tangs.  Trigger guards, engraved on bows with a floral motif between  raised borders, slide to form a safety at half cock.  Silver furniture comprised of side- plates with martial trophies, vacant escutcheons surmounted with a helmet and butt caps with deeply chased martial trophies. Original ramrods retained by brass pipes under the barrels.  This form of “Queen Anne” pistol is most uncommon, and in brass especially so.

Overall length:  13 1/4″  Barrels: 8″ of .62 cal. (18) bore

Condition:  Superb throughout, would be difficult to improve upon.

Price – SOLD