Pair of English Flintlock Pocket Pistols by Brasher, circa 1815

A pair of fine quality boxlock pocket pistols by John Brasher, signed in gold ovals, frames engraved with martial trophies, combination sliding half cock safeties with locking pins for the frizzens, 30 bore, turn-off barrels with London proofs, engraved with starbursts at the breech end, retaining some original blued finish and gold banded at the muzzles, slab sided walnut grips with oval silver escutcheons containing the entwined initials LB. Brasher who produced both pistols and guns, worked in Birmingham, but signed his pieces London. The gold signature ovals and muzzle bands, plus the fine condition, sets this pair of pocket pistols well above the average.

Length – 6 1/8”

Price – SOLD