A Rare Venetian Schiavona Dagger, dated 1781

With finely pierced blade of flattened diamond section, the silver-gilt hilt comprising a pair of drooping quillons with rare decoration of dragon heads showing protruding tongues, 
ring-guard with a filigree Doge’s crown set with semi-precious stones, spirally fluted pommel and retaining its original grip of plaited silver wire between silver-gilt Turk’s heads,
in its original silver scabbard engraved over its entire surface with flowers and foliage and incorporating a double-headed eagle and the date 1781 on the outer face, the owner’s initials
‘PR’ on the reverse, and fitted with a loop for suspension, with silver-gilt locket and chape, the latter en-suite with the pommel.
This is without doubt the finest example of its type we have seen and is in superb condition.
Blade:  12 5/8”      32 cm.
O.A.     21”            53.3 cm.
Price:  $14,500-