A Rare Pair Of North Italian (Brescian) Snaphaunce Pistols circa 1665

A beautiful pair of Brescian snaphaunce pistols of marvelous form and exceptional length, 16 1/4” barrels, retained by a screw from beneath, ribbed at the breech, becoming round for the remainder and with ringed muzzles,18 bore. Full length stocks of figured walnut, flattened umbrella shaped butts, brass furniture consisting of floral chiseled butt-caps, pierced engraved lacework tracery at the butts, around the barrel tangs, triggers, forward of the locks, at the side nails, fore-end caps, and ramrod pipes. Flat beveled locks, engraved with floral scrolls en-suite with the mounts, cocks and arms of the frizzens, bows of trigger guards engraved with female portrait heads. Retaining original ramrods and belt-hooks. It is most unusual to find brass mounted Brescian pistols of this early period.

O.A. – 23 1/2” – 59.7 cm.

Price – SOLD