A Rare German Etched All-Steel Wheel-Lock Holster Pistol (Puffer) circa 1570-80, Possibly Brunswick

Decorated throughout with a series of etched panels of scrolling tendrils carrying spirals of foliage on a blackened ground and inhabited with hounds chasing stags and hares on the fore-end and opposite side of stock, two stage barrel, the breech with moulded girdles at both ends and with swamped muzzle, decorated with guilloche borders and arabesques, flat lock fitted with a domed wheel-cover, sliding pan cover and safety catch. The etched designs on the lock-plate inhabited with birds amidst foliage, the fence of the pan with a partial date (15) the remainder rubbed, etched full stock with a helmeted warrior with a pole arm and falchion behind the barrel tang, fitted with an elliptical ball pommel formed in two halves, etched on the upper half with a hound pursuing a stag and a hare, the lower half decorated with arabesques, and fitted with a moulded iron trigger-guard and engraved belt-hook, complete with later ramrod.

Barrel – 13 3/4” – 34.9 cm.

O.A. – 21” – 53.3 cm.

Condition: Very good for an all-steel pistol, some rubbing on top of the barrel, fabric on the grip originally leather or braided wire.

Provenance: Frank E. Bivens Jr. Collection, USA – Dr. H. Bayermann Collection, The Netherlands and Switzerland

Price – SOLD