A Fine And Very Rare Pair Of Swiss Flintlock Holster Pistols By David Dick In Bern, circa 1680

A magnificent pair of silver mounted root-wood stocked flintlock holster pistols, locks chiseled with armored warriors amidst military trophies reclining on a shield with maker’s name ‘David Dick in Bern’ chiseled in raised letters, barrel tangs chiseled with the double headed eagle of the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ amidst a stand of flags, a bugle and drum, breeches chiseled with two trumpeters in classical armor holding a shield with the motto ‘Victoria et Gloria’ frizzen-springs and triggers in the form of serpents, full silver mounts, comprising long eared butt-caps with a high relief faun at the terminus, trigger guard with a grotesque face at the front, trigger-plates in the form of an eagle, stocks inlaid with figures of mermaids, winged female figures, an eagle with spread wings, pierced side-plates with hunters, dogs and a winged cupid spearing a boar amidst foliage, stocks carved with a winged dragon either side of the rear ram-rod pipe, containing original ram-rods, the ends chiseled with a horse and rider.
Swiss firearms of military grade are plentiful on the market. Luxurious Swiss firearms are extremely scarce, even in their best museums.
These pistols are worthy of inclusion in any major collection or in an important arms museum.
Barrels: 13 1/2’ 34.3 cm.
Overall: 20” 50.8 cm.
Provenance: Martin Retting Collection, USA
Price:  SOLD