An Exceptional 24 Bore Silver-Mounted Caucasian Miquelet-Lock Holster Pistol, Kubachi, Dhagestan, 3rd Quarter 19th c.

Chiseled barrel encrusted with golden decoration and signed at the breech, silver fore-end forming three bands chased with floral scrolls and heightened with niello, silver-encrusted lock, the mainspring with calligraphy and a maker’s stamp under and to the rear of the pan, the stock entirely encased in silver decorated with chased and nielloed patterns of flowers and scrollwork en-suite with the fore-end, dated and signed at the barrel tang, button trigger encrusted with silver,  ovoid pommel with silver lanyard ring, and with a false ramrod. A beautiful and rare example of Kubachi workmanship in immaculate condition. 

Barrel:      13”         33    cm.

O.A.         19 1/4”   48.9  cm.

Price – $18,500