A Very Fine And Rare Bohemian Three-Shot Revolving Cylinder Flintlock Fowling Piece, By Johann Hadischweiler In Carlsbad, Circa 1720-30

With swamped blued barrel of 19 bore, retaining much of its original finish, octagonal at the breech, becoming round with a flat at the top for the full length and with a brass blade front sight, inscribed ‘Johann Hadisch Weiler In Carlsbad’ rounded back-action lock engraved with a mounted horseman firing a pistol at a stag in a wooded landscape within a scroll-engraved border, cylinder of three chambers, each with its own pan and frizzen well engraved with female portraits framed withinscroll-work, the half stock of highly figured varnished walnut carved with leafy decoration around the scroll engraved tang and surrounding the rear ramrod pipe, the fore-end terminating in a horn cap as does the original ram-rod, with cast and chased gilded bronze mounts, comprising a butt-plate, the tang depicting a musician, the side plate, a scene of the hunt, both in high relief, the trigger-guard engraved with a female portrait bust bordered by scrollwork, en-suite with the chambers, the ramrod pipes engraved with scroll-work, a trigger in front of the trigger-guard releases the chambers for turning for the next shot.

Condition: Excellent, but for some patches of blue on barrel turning brown.

Length – 38 5/8”

Barrel – 98.1 cm.

O..A. – 58 3/4” – 149.2 cm.

Price – $32,000